Hooked reading this book.

Foosball night + Ice cold beer. Officially ending this birthday week. Kudos to everyone! labyu😛

Remember, remember the 25th of august.

Drunk Jenga is drunk. #beerdaysalubong

Good friends make time, in return I make pizza. #beerdaysalubong

Ampersaiyan #ampersand

Ampersaiyan3 #ampersand #almostthere

The Market Basket

Sad to say this project has been abandoned😭 looking for new home for this design baby.

Champas Taquería Mexicana

Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas and more. If you’re craving to have a fiesta in your belly, Champas is your place to be!

Cat-poop-chino! Yes, I drank cat poop coffee and it was great😽

What luck does this coffee grounds brings:^\ #Tasseography

I’m not a Apple, I am Melon lord.mwuhahaha #TophApproves

Will you look at that? #finalcut #RIPRobinWilliams

Tapos na kaagad weekend? Bitin!

I am😎 Deal with it.mehehe Calligraphy by Tamara Piranha.